Vehicle Preparation Prior to Automobile Transport


  • Please keep fuel tank level at a half a tank or below. If shipping overseas fuel level must be at a quarter of a tank or less.
  • Remove all personal items from the interior of your vehicle including toll-way transponders. Leaving a toll-way transponder in the vehicle may cause you to incur tolls along the way!
  • Make sure tires are inflated, batteries are charged and that there are no oil leaks.
  • Ensure all fluids are filled to manufacturers recommended level and that antifreeze temperature rating is appropriate for cold climates.
    • Even if your auto relocation is to a warm climate, the route of the shipment may take your vehicle through a colder region.
  • Disarm or disable any alarms, even factory installed alarms. Consult your owner’s manual or dealership’s service department for proper method of disabling your alarm.
  • Secure or remove any loose or specialty items such as ground effects or spoilers. If your vehicle has very low spoilers enclosed car transport may be the best option, as this type of carrier is capable of loading lower clearance vehicles.
  • Ensure retractable antennas are lowered. If your antenna is detachable remove it and place in trunk or rear seat of vehicle.
  • If your vehicle is a convertible ensure the top is up and secured properly. If the top is not in good working condition or has tears or loose threads shipping your vehicle in an enclosed car transport is probably the best option. On an open transport a leaky or loose top may damage your vehicle or possibly others.